Our values

In a highly competitive industry, our values make us different and make strong commercial sense. Our values help us strengthen relationships with all our stakeholders, build trust, reduce operating costs, mitigate risks and attract and retain talent in a crowded marketplace.

A great place to work

A great place to work

We rely on our colleagues to deliver excellent customer service and work hard to keep them happy and motivated, investing in them and involving them in our plans.

“With over 195,000 people working in our business it’s important that we attract the best and retain our most talented people. We’re always looking for ways to address the issues and challenges our colleagues face and make sure they’re well engaged and cared for. The happier and more motivated they are, the better the customer service they provide.”

Angie Risley
Group HR Director and Chair of A great place to work value

Angie Risley discusses why Sainsbury’s is a great place to work

Key achievements


of colleagues tell us that Sainsbury’s is a great place to work


colleagues enrolled on Bakery, Fish and Café Hospitality programmes


female colleagues have been paired with a mentor



colleagues attended Pride events in support of the LGBT community

Our commitments

We’ll be an employer where colleagues love to work
We’ll continue to invest in the training and development of our colleagues
We’ll have an inclusive workforce that offers employment opportunities to all members of the community