Our vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted retailer, where people love to work and shop. We’ll do this by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and investing in our stores, our colleagues and our channels to offer the best possible shopping experience.

“Customers are at the heart of our business and our success and future growth is based on being able to anticipate and then deliver what they need.”

Mike Coupe
Sainsbury’s Group Chief Executive

What do we mean by trusted?

We want to be known for doing the right thing, for our customers, our colleagues, our communities, our suppliers and our planet. How? By sticking to our values and commitments.

These aren’t just empty promises to make us look good. We’ve reviewed and relaunched our sustainability plan and have publically stated where and how we believe we can make a positive impact on the economy, the environment and society. We’re addressing the most significant issues faced by our customers, colleagues, stakeholders and business and, by 2020, we believe we will have made a tangible difference.

colleagues have worked for us for 20 years or more
Our values
  • Respect for our environment Living healthier lives
  • Sourcing with integrity Sourcing with integrity
  • Respect for our environment Respect for our environment
  • Making a positive difference to our community Making a positive difference in our community
  • A great place to work A great place to work

We want to help our customers eat healthily. By improving the quality of the food in their baskets, even small changes can make a big impact.

tonnes of salt removed from our own-brand cereal range

We work closely with farmers, growers and suppliers – in the UK and internationally – so we can reassure customers about where and how our products are sourced.

commitment to British-sourced lamb during the main season

We care about our planet and the effect that both we, and our global suppliers, have on the environment. So we’re reducing our emissions, our water use and our waste.

waste to landfill since 2013

We make sure we’re a good neighbour, encouraging every store to get involved in food donations, volunteering and in our local charity programme, Charity of the Year.

Over £100m
donated to Comic Relief

We rely on our colleagues to deliver excellent customer service and work hard to keep them happy and motivated, investing in them and involving them in our plans.

female colleagues paired with a mentor
How our strategy supports our vision

Our business strategy outlines how we’ll achieve our vision of being the most trusted retailer where people love to work and shop. Since we first launched, nearly 150 years ago, we’ve been helping our customers live well for less. That’s as true today as it was back then.

Now, as one of the UK’s leading retailers across food, clothing, general merchandise and financial services, we have even more responsibilities to our customers, our colleagues, our communities and our planet. To reach our goals, we’ve identified five strategic priorities that we believe will build trust and goodwill.

How our businesses support our vision

Convenience, speed and flexibility are key in today’s retail environment. Our strategy to sell multiple products via multiple channels makes it easy for customers to shop with us whenever and wherever they want.

Food is, and always will be, our heartland and we will continue to meet the challenge of making fairly-priced, great quality food more enjoyable, more inspiring and more nutritious for everyone. With the acquisition of Argos and Habitat, we can now offer an even wider selection of trusted products across home, electricals, technology, toys, clothing and leisure. Sainsbury’s Bank complements our breadth of businesses, offering accessible financial services products and rewards for customers.

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