Helping customers to cut food waste

Reducing food waste is at the top of our customers’ shopping list. So we’re investing £10m over five years in our Waste less, Save more initiative.

Sainsbury’s colleagues in Swadlincote, promoting Waste less, Save more

Waste less, Save more sees us working with people all over Britain to find simple ways to cut food waste and save money in the process.

We launched Waste less, Save more because we listen to customers. In 2015 we asked customers which corporate responsibility areas mattered most and nearly half said food waste.

So, with families in Britain throwing away £700 of food each year, we devised and launched the ground breaking Waste less, Save more programme.

Our testbed town

We kicked off Waste less, Save more with a contest to find a testbed town where we would invest £1m in projects to see what works and what doesn’t.

The winner was Swadlincote, Derbyshire where – over the year ahead – we set about testing more than 20 initiatives to find out which were most effective in cutting food waste. From fridge thermometers and cutting-edge apps, through to community engagement and a successful school programme, we spent 12 months trying, testing and tweaking innovations to find those that could be repeated and have long-term impact nationwide.

So, with the Swadlincote trial coming to end, we started widening the scheme to more than 140 Discovery Communities all over Britain during 2017. Each location will be able to bid for a share of £1m in funding.

National targets

As the project develops and spreads more widely, we hope that customers throughout Britain will find ways to help save on their household bills.

We’ve already started to learn from our Swadlincote trial, taking some of the most successful ideas – such as fridge thermometers – into stores nationwide.

“This is a great initiative by Sainsbury’s”

Dr Richard Swannell
Director, Waste Resource Action Partnership

What’s more, we’re being completely open with our results, so that everyone – including communities, councils, and even competitors – can learn from our work, and move forward in the fight against food waste.

We’re continuously updating the Waste Less, Save More website too, to act as a news hub for the campaign across the whole country.

The scheme kicked off in 2016 in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. And we’re now going nationwide, inviting more communities to take part.


of food is discarded by British households each year, according to WRAP, the Waste Resource Action Partnership.