Standing up to modern slavery

We want to make sure everyone in our supply chains is treated fairly, in Britain and around the world.

At Sainsbury’s, we source products from more than 70 countries. Sourcing with integrity is vital to us, so we’re working hard to prevent workers in our supply chains from being poorly treated.

We can’t do this alone, which is why we fund training and collaborate with others as part of our efforts to stop modern slavery.

Training suppliers

The fight against worker exploitation starts with awareness raising and prevention.

Through our strategic relationship with the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), since 2014 we’ve trained suppliers on preventing exploitation.

This includes specific training for farmers and growers, again developed for Sainsbury’s by the GLAA, to help identify vulnerable workers, particularly among seasonal labourers.

We also help fund an industry-wide training programme, which suppliers that use agency labour attend. This is run through an initiative called Stronger Together, of which we’re founder members.

We host an annual ethical trade conference, where we’ve run workshops specifically on modern slavery facilitated by experts.


Sainsbury’s suppliers have attended the Stronger Together training programme, which we help fund


We continue to work with others to ensure the fair treatment of workers around the world. For instance, we’ve contributed to Forced Labour Indicators developed by Sedex, a global non-profit organisation that hosts a collaborative platform for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains, and to the creation of a new certification scheme for labour providers called Clearview.

In South-east Asia, we support the Issara Institute, an alliance of brands, NGOs and experts that focuses on tackling human trafficking and forced labour through various innovative methods.

Modern slavery statement

In June 2017, we published our Modern Slavery Statement. Please also see the Ethical trading section of our website for more information on our wider approach to sourcing with integrity.