Our ambition is to be the ‘Greenest Grocer’ by reducing carbon emissions from our heating, cooling, lighting etc. We’re introducing renewable technologies across our stores and increasing our use of natural refrigeration, which is kinder to the environment. We’re also working with our colleagues on energy-saving initiatives.

“We’ll reduce our operational carbon emissions by 30% absolute and 65% relative (to 2005/06).”

A man on a Sainsbury’s roof with a drill, fixing some solar panels.

Key achievements

‘A’ rating

received on our Carbon Disclosure Policy assessment. We’re one of just three retailers worldwide to receive this.

7,992 tonnes

of CO2e saved through our ‘Greenest Grocer’ project, helping colleagues reduce energy use in store.


Olympic sized swimming pools of water saved, along with 7,377 tonnes of carbon, thanks to our involvement in the Better Cotton Initiative.

1.6 tonnes

of carbon dioxide saved through a 3-month trial of a liquid nitrogen-cooled refrigerated delivery truck. A world first!