Water is the most precious natural resource on the planet. But, as populations increase, there’s less of it to go around. We’re doing our bit by improving the efficiency of our water use, across our operations, and are working with water experts to implement water-saving initiatives.

“Through robust water stewardship, we’ll address and manage all areas of water vulnerability in our business.”

Bottles of Sainsbury’s still Scottish mountain water on a shelf

Key achievements


absolute water reduction between 2005/06 and 2015/16, even with our estate increasing by 53% over this time.


litres less water used today than in 2005/6.


retailer, and one of the first four companies ever to be certified with The Carbon Trust Water Standard.

Over 650

automatic meters installed to help us detect leaks, saving an average of 6 million litres of water every year.


litres of water a year saved by our three water-neutral stores.